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Creative Powerpoint

If you think Powerpoint is just for business presentations, think again. It’s  more than slide after slide of bullet points. A whole lot more. Powerpoint (along with Keynote for Mac, WordPerfect Presentations and LibreOffice’s Impress) also makes a great scrapbooking platform. For family historians who want to combine old photos and memorabilia with text in creative ways, any one of these apps can make it happen.

Kincaid Kin.006.png

This example turns a short biographical sketch into an eye-catching delight. It was created using Keynote and the Parchment theme. A couple of vintage fonts add to the “atmosphere”. Note that the graduation program is layered over the schoolhouse photo. This is just one of many “scrapbooking” features available on all these presentation apps.

It gets better! Most presentation apps support background music and have the ability to export your slides as a video. This was created in just a few minutes on an iPad using Keynote.

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities – and your family will love them! Pull out your presentations program and take it for a family history test drive. I think you’ll be delightfully surprised.