Getting Started

Studio participants can follow us by email, newsreader or by using the free WordPress app. Using WordPress’s free desktop and mobile apps, you will have new site content delivered to you through the app’s Reader component. Using the Reader you can comment on posted articles, ask questions, add your own ideas, offer suggestions and join discussions with other members. Second, you can use the app’s Editor component to write and share your own stories from your own WordPress site, if you decide to create one.

If you have your own WordPress site, let us know so we can add it to our reading lists. Once published, your stories are delivered to subscribed group members via the Reader or email and they can use the comments feature to provide feedback. In addition, the Reader component also lets you save articles you find interesting and you can connect to other WordPress blogs. When you follow another user’s blog, each new post that user publishes is also delivered to your reader. You then can read, share and leave comments.


The beauty of all this is that you can participate when it best fits your schedule. Storytellers Studio is always open. Should you post an article at 11:30 at night, other members will see it the next time they check in via the Reader. When they leave a comment, your Reader will notify you and you can read/respond at any time.

Want to learn more about WordPress? Check the Blogging Resources list in the sidebar.