About Storytellers Studio

Moultrie Creek
A family album at Flickr

Storytellers Studio offers support and inspiration to family historians who are looking for creative ways to share the family stories their research discovers. Our focus is to help you generate family history interest in your own family.

The Studio operates using our Storytellers website hosted on WordPress along with the Storytellers Studio group on MeWe.com. This combination serves as a “community center” for anyone who is interested in learning and sharing their ideas. The beauty of it is that the Studio is always “open”. You can check in on your own schedule to see what’s new, ask questions, offer suggestions and even post your own stories.

The website serves as a resource center with articles discussing applications, resources and services that are useful to storytellers. The Studio group provides a platform for members to share ideas, ask for help and show off their creations. New additions on the websites are “announced” to the group with links to view them.

In order to support Storytellers Studio, I am an affiliate for several commercial entities. When you follow a link to Amazon or an App Store and make a purchase there, I will receive a small commission – at no cost to the buyer. Now the Federal Trade Commission has decided that bloggers are a threat to society or something because of these money-making efforts. They are concerned that I might accept free products from companies and give them glowing reviews in return without mentioning I got it for free. If I do get something for free, you will be the first to know. Even without the FTC breathing down my neck, I think it’s important to describe any relationship I may have with a service or product. Most of the things I review are either free (as in open source) or something I purchased for myself. When the day comes that a company thinks I’m important enough to offer a free product in exchange for a review, I’ll be screaming it from the roof.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to include advertising on the site and links to items at Amazon, iTunes and other affiliates when I mention them in posts. If it should inspire you to purchase something, the commission goes to keeping the Studio up and running and I will be most grateful for your support.



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