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Finding Inspiration

The WordPress Reader is a great way to discover how other people are documenting their family history. You’ll find a lot of them do it with WordPress! Why? Because blogs (especially WordPress blogs) have legs. They are very search-friendly and its easy to attract “research cousins” (relatives you’ve never met who are searching the same families you are) from all around the world.

Use your Reader to find other geneabloggers and see how they tell their stories. Here’s how . . .


Open the WordPress Reader and look down the left sidebar for the Tags section. You can enter any keyword into the Tag box and the Reader will search for blogs discussing that topic. Notice I have tags for “ancestry”, “Family History” and “genealogy”. Click on a tag and your Reader will display any posts matching that keyword. Notice the Follow icon at the top of each post. You can share, comment or like any of these posts without following them but if one of them looks particularly interesting, you may want to follow them so you will receive all their posts.

If a tag doesn’t generate any interesting posts or blogs, you can get rid of it by clicking the “X” icon next to it.

Tags are also a great way to keep up with an event or news item. For example, you can create a tag to collect posts discussing an upcoming event (NGS conference, for example) and then remove it once the event is over.

How does the Reader find posts associated with your tags? The WordPress editor includes a section where writers enter tags to describe their post’s topic. Often they include surnames, locations and other descriptive keywords hoping to snag a few research cousins.

It’s a win-win situation for all of us!



St. Augustine native, Air Force veteran, Army wife and family historian.

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